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Press Release: Dihuni Addresses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Talent Shortage through New Staff Augmentation and Managed Application Services

MCLEAN, Virginia, Aug 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dihuni, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Center and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, today announced two new services to address AI talent shortage and high costs associated with AI application development.

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Staff Augmentation

Dihuni’s staff augmentation delivery model is flexible and designed to bring you best in class resources for your Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) applications. We know adding full-time direct employees in AI is time-consuming, expensive and with shortages in the industry, positions can remain unfilled for a long time. Dihuni maintains a pool of AI/ML/DL professionals ready to be deployed to your project. Some examples where Dihuni can fill talent gaps:

  • Programming Languages & AI Frameworks – Python, Keras, TensorFlow, CUDA etc
  • ML Ops – to help with deployment and ongoing updates of Machine Learning models
  • Applications – Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning etc
  • AI Product and Project Management – experienced professionals with Agile Software Development expertise

Dihuni’s staff augmentation model allows quick access to high-quality AI/ML/DL talent both onshore and offshore without the need to add such resources to payroll. Engineers are regularly trained on the latest generation of AI software applications and tools. Customers are in control – software resources can be managed just an extension of your team working with your processes and tools. 

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AI Application Development & Managed Services

For customers who prefer to outsource their AI application development, Dihuni is announcing new AI Application Development and Managed Services so customers can focus on their core business. If you have an idea, we can build an application for you. From AI platform to complex applications in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Speech Recognition, NLP and other types of AI for commercial, industrial, smart buildings, smart cities and security applications we can develop and deliver a finished product offering to you. Whether you’re requiring recommendation based shopping or predictive maintenance or healthcare AI applications, we will provide end-end services from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development to production deployment and maintenance.

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“Dihuni’s mission is to simplify digital transformation and AI is a huge part of it. Our new AI services are great additions to an already robust portfolio of hardware and software products.” said Pranay Prakash, Chief Executive Officer at Dihuni. “AI programmers and data scientists are scarce but critical resources in developing and implementing AI applications in today’s world. Our mission is to accelerate the time it takes from hiring to onboarding to productivity. With our talent pool of technical, marketing and project management resources, we are helping customer realize their AI ambitions faster.”

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About Dihuni

Dihuni is a leading provider of Digital Transformation solutions including Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Centers and Internet of Things (IoT).  With its e-commerce platform, OptiReady products, software development, staff augmentation, solutions design and delivery expertise and access to over 500,000 products from hundreds of partners, Dihuni helps customers achieve their desired digital outcomes by ensuring they have the right hardware, software and services to make that happen. Visit Dihuni at