GPU Parallelization and Performance Optimization Services

Top GPU Performance for Legacy and New AI Applications : GPU, Multicore or SIMD based Parallelization and Optimization Services

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As a leader in GPU systems and AI services, we know our customers are developing new AI applications for a wide range of AI use cases and are selecting GPU servers and embedded edge systems for their real time as well as back-end AI infrastructure. While GPUs from NVIDIA come with top native performance, it is very complex to ensure applications are able to get maximum performance from these GPUs. The challenge is even bigger when it comes to legacy applications in healthcare, government, industrial and even CRM/Accounting applications. Applications need to take advantage of multi-core GPU architectures and application parallelization becomes critical to achieving optimum performance. We understand GPUs and are experts in parallelizing applications for multi-core GPU infrastructure. Our GPU parallelization and optimization program consists of following:

Legacy Code Assessment

  • Performance profiling of the Legacy (Sequential) software architecture or some of its identified components.
  • Identification of Hotspots in legacy source code and its components.
  • Analysis & Assessment of parallelization opportunities inside code. Identify the following:
    • GPU Optimization opportunities
    • Multicore or Multiprocessor (CPU) – Multithreading opportunities
    • SIMD (CPU) Vectorization opportunities
    • Memory Optimization opportunities
  • Estimation of speed-up potential.

GPU Optimization & Parallel Computing activities  

  • GPU Kernels (CUDA or OpenCL) design, development and testing
  • SIMD Vectorized code design, development and testing
  • Multithreaded re-factoring of the legacy application and testing 
  • Memory optimization


  • Verification of the optimized code. Functional validation against the original legacy code.
  • Performance Improvement (speed up %) assessment of the optimized code.
  • Fine tuning and further optimization, wherever required.

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