Digital Strategy and Product Management : Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Enterprise Software and Hardware

Strategy, Product Management and Customer Experience are the top three critical elements for success of any business. With over 20 years of experience with multiple high tech, high growth businesses and cutting-edge software and hardware products, Dihuni consultants bring the following management services to customers.

Strategy Development

Without a strategy, you end up being like a ship that is moving fast in the ocean but does not know its final destination. That can be very dangerous – you may see an island and there would be momentous joy however without strategy chances are that would be shortlived. Whether you have just started your company or are an established business unit, it is extremely critical to build your strategy and try to steer the company based on that strategy. In new and emerging areas like Cloud, Mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) etc defining a clear strategy is even more important to avoid the risk of being displaced by Cloud First or Analytics based companies. Dihuni recognizes the constant pressure that marketing and product organizations are under and provides a comprehensive set of strategy services comprising of development of :

  • Top customer pain points
  • Target market segments and sizing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technology Analysis
  • Solutions Development
  • Phased Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Business model development
  • Opportunity Sizing and Financial Forecasting
  • Go to market strategy
  • Value based messaging and outbound marketing strategy
  • Resource Planning and Investment Requirements
  • Digital Product Management

Often product organizations and senior leadership wonder why customers complain about the lack of innovation and new features in digital software specially when the company had made massive amounts of investment in people, tools and infrastructure. There are multiple reasons for not being able to meet customer requirements even with the best product managers and engineers. In absence of continuous digital customer interactions and without the right process, Product Managers can get too much involved in internal meetings vs understanding customers and developing value based requirements. Dihuni helps you capture customer feedback, perform competitive analysis and identify high priority customer requirements. We believe in taking the best of Agile Software methodology with best in class product management and marketing practices to deliver the right product at the right time and in the right market.

If you are not fast, by the time you release new product, there is high probability of change in customer requirements as high tech markets move fast. At the same time, being responsible is very important to avoid low quality or unattractive product. An Agile software development methodology helps transform product organizations from a waterfall software development model to a ‘fast and right’ agile model. Dihuni can help Product Managers develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) through rigorous prioritization and through continuous improvement methods. Daily scrum, weekly planning, feature and regular backlog grooming, sprints and increment planning help deliver SW throughout the year to trusted customers who test and use the SW, give timely feedback and help improve the SW accordingly both from features and quality control standpoint.

Dihuni helps you move to customer driven product development and implemented continuous planning, development, testing and delivery of SW which can result in cut down of cycle time to allow for continuous releases each year. This method also develops trust in customers and helps drive migration/adoption of new SW to your installed base. Companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, Google and even Tesla keep experimenting with ideas – they fail fast but also move responsibly as growth is top of mind for these companies.

On the hardware side, Dihuni consultants have deep experience in developing enterprise class servers to embedded low energy IoT devices. We take similar software based agile approach to hardware but ensure high quality and performance of the product. If software has bugs, you can fix in your development center and often deploy remotely. With hardware, we understand you cannot easily replace hardware deployed in the field and manufacturing cycles can be long so quality control is super important to us from the beginning of a project. Our product management expertise allows us to not only specify right hardware requirements but also define and develop appropriate software compatibility to deliver the best solutions to you.

Startup Advisory and Management

For startups, we offer highly customizable advisory and management services. We know as a startup, it is easy to get very tactical and focus only on your product and your top customers. That is unavoidable and critical for growth however market forces change and it is important to keep ahead of your competition. By being clear on your strategic goals, you also make a strong impression on your investors who would see long term returns in your company. We offer a broad range of services based on flexible project basis or pay as you go model.

  • Strategy Development as described above but customized and accelerated based on the stage of your startup
  • Product Management as described above and including Proof of Concept, Rapid Prototyping etc
  • Investor and Customer Pitch Development
  • Recruitment of startup stars including filling in interim executive roles

Please contact us at with your general product requirements or for more information. You can also call us at the number on our Contact Us page.

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