HPE Servers : Datacenter, IoT, Virtualization, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Digital Servers

Powerful, agile, cloud-ready servers for your IT infrastructure,Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers deliver the exact mix of optimization, scalability, and reliability your company needs for even the most specialized and demanding workloads. HPE’s world-class manufacturing facilities relentlessly focus on quality. Below are the latest HPE Servers, Storage and Networking products. HPE servers are suitable for entry level applications such as webserver, DNS server, firewall etc to very high end applications for video processing, database, file servers, e-mail servers, big data, IoT, in-memory analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI)  infrastructure etc.

How to Buy

Below are links to HPE server product line. Please click on the product line that interests you and visit the HPE product pages for the full range of their product line and contact us with the system that is of interest. We will price the system based on your configuration. After you place an oder with us, the systems will be built to your specific configuration and shipped to your specified address globally.


Please let us know your general requirements and we will work with you to define a system that is suitable for your application. You can contact us at servers@dihuni.com with your general server requirements or for more information.You can also call us on the number on our Contact Us page.

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