NVIDIA Tesla T4 Deep Learning Inference Servers

NVIDIA Tesla T4 Deep Learning Inference Servers – Delivering Top Performance for Deep Learning Applications

Our Dihuni OptiReady and barebone servers are designed and can be customized for your Deep Learning Inference needs with NVIDIA’s Tesla T4 GPU. If you already have a Tesla T4 compatible server and need to just purchase T4 GPUs, you can do that below or enjoy browsing a list of our Tesla T4 compatible servers that can be sold as barebones or completely integrated servers.

The NVIDIA® T4 GPU accelerates diverse cloud workloads, including high-performance computing, deep learning training and inference, machine learning, data analytics, and graphics. Based on the new NVIDIA Turing architecture and packaged in an energy-efficient 70-watt, small PCIe form factor, T4 is optimized for mainstream computing environments and features multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores and new RT Cores. Combined with accelerated containerized software stacks from NGC, T4 delivers revolutionary performance at scale.

We can help you with an entire family of GPU servers that support the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Tesla T4, which is designed to accelerate deep learning training, inference and machine learning workloads in any scale-out server. The hardware-accelerated transcode engine in NVIDIA T4 delivers multiple HD video streams in real-time and allows integrating deep learning into the video transcoding pipeline to enable a new class of smart video applications. To achieve responsiveness, these models are deployed on powerful servers with NVIDIA GPUs to deliver maximum throughput for inference workloads.


Our Deep Learning servers are available with NVIDIA NGC containers that can be preloaded. NGC empowers researchers, data scientists, and developers with performance-engineered containers featuring AI software like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet, NVIDIA TensorRT™, RAPIDS and more. These pre-integrated containers feature NVIDIA AI stack including NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit, NVIDIA deep learning libraries which are easy to upgrade using Docker commands.

Buy online or get your NVIDIA Tesla T4 Server custom built directly by server manufacturers like Supermicro, Tyan, HPE, Dell etc. Contact us for more information.

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Showing 1–12 of 73 results