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TYAN, a MITAC company offers the most optimized selection for next generation Digital Transformation use cases in Web Server, Mail Servers, Hyperconverged Storage and Security Appliances, Network Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Video Processing, Big Data, Hyperconverged Appliances, Internet of Things (IoT), In-Memory Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and general Data Center Virtualization & Private Cloud or Hyperscale Infrastructure Applications.

TYAN’s new computing platforms based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are designed for the heavy computing workloads of big data and high performance data analysis applications. The high-density platforms are targeted at the HPC, Machine Learning, and Technical Computing markets. Powered by the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, TYAN’s new range of cloud computing and storage platforms are optimized for data intensive workloads and virtualization applications to deliver extreme performance, density and scalability with power and cost efficiency.

TYAN also is one of the first to offer AMD EPYC based servers. The new powerful EPYC processor allows TYAN to offer the optimal balance of computing, memory and I/O for the customers. By adopting the latest AMD EPYC processor technology, TYAN brings high memory channel bandwidth and PCI Express high speed I/O connectivity features to enterprises and datacenters.

TYAN offers a full array of platforms that provide web-based hardware to meet users’ business needs toward cloud computing and storage solutions for cost-effective deployment. TYAN’s cloud platforms offer reliability, scalability, flexibility, high density, and remote management capability that deliver workload-optimized performance, power efficiency, and hardware-enhanced features to enterprises and datacenters. TYAN’s storage platforms are designed for multiple drive bays, high memory channel bandwidth, high speed interfaces, and maximum I/O to deliver extreme performance, density and scalability with power and cost efficiency. Target Applications for storage platforms :Software Defined Storage, NVMe Performance, High Performance Flash, Video Streaming, E-Commerce, Big Data and Datacenter Applications, In-Memory Databases, Content Distribution, Real-Time Analytics, Enterprise Workloads, Object Storage and Virtualization.

You can buy TYAN servers here. We are constantly adding new products to our store – if you don’t find the server you are looking for or for customized requirements, please contact us.

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Showing 1–12 of 61 results