NVIDIA QUADRO Virtual Data Center Workstation (QUADRO vDWS) Software Annual Subscription License for VDI High-End 3D Graphics CAD vGPU Applications

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For cross referencing NVIDIA and Dihuni part numbers, please check vDWS Dihuni Part Number Cross Reference

The NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software delivers the most powerful virtual workstation from the data center or cloud to any device, anywhere. The potential is unlimited.  From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization, Quadro is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Millions of creative and technical professionals can access  the most demanding applications from any device, work from anywhere, tackle larger datasets, all while meeting the need for greater security. This software is ideal for mainstream and high-end designers who use powerful 3D content creation applications like Dassault CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and 3DExcite, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Schlumberger Petrel, or Autodesk Maya.

On this page, you can purchase Quadro vDWS software licenses as well as any compatible NVIDIA Tesla GPUs you would need.

Key Features

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) App Hosting (with packaged NVIDIA GRID® Virtual Applications (vApps) license)
  • RDSH Desktop Hosting
  • Windows OS Support, Linux OS Support
  • GPU Pass-Through Support (only supported on 1:1 profiles)
  • Bare Metal Support  (only NVIDIA Tesla M6 Hardware supported as primary display device)
  • NVIDIA Graphics Driver, NVIDIA Quadro Driver
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Guaranteed Quality-of-Service Scheduling
  • Multi-GPU Support
  • Maximum Hardware Rendered Display: Four 4K
  • Maximum Resolution:  4096×2160
  • Data Center Management : Host-, Guest, and Application-Level Monitoring and Live Migration

Buy Subscription Software License Above

Quadro vDWS software license is available as a perpetual or an annual subscription license. This product page is for purchasing  subscription license. For perpetual license, please visit this page.

An Annual Enterprise Subscription is active for a fixed period as defined by the terms of the subscription license. To be kept active, the license will need to be renewed at the end of the subscription period. The subscription license includes the software license and production level Support Updates and Maintenance Subscription (SUMS) for the duration of the license subscription period. Here’s how to buy:

Please select subscription license for number of Concurrent Users (CCU) per year. CCU is a method of counting licenses based on active user VMs. If the VM is active and the NVIDIA virtual GPU software is running, then this counts as one CCU. A vGPU CCU is independent of the connection to the VM.

For educational discounted price, please select EDU licenses from options above. Must be authorized purchaser and only for university/educational institution official use.


NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Comparison

NVIDIA QUADRO Virtual Data Center Workstation (QUADRO vDWS) and other products designed to let you assign the right level of resources to each of your users based on their exact needs.


GRID vApps


Quadro vDWS

 Use Case

Use with Citrix XenApp or other RDSH solutions like VMware Horizon Apps.

For virtual desktops delivering standard PC applications, browser, and high definition video.

For professional graphics applications mainstream and high-end designers.

Desktop Virtualization



RDSH App Hosting




RDSH Desktop Hosting




Windows Guest OS




Linux Guest OS



Maximum Displays


Four HD, Two 4K


Maximum Resolution


4096×2160 (4K)

4096×2160 (4K)

CUDA & OpenCL Supported



GPU Pass-Through & 
Bare Metal Supported



 Data Sheet

GRID vApps Brief

GRID vPC Brief

 Quadro vDWS Brief

Additional information

Select Subscription License

NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2CMI12 Quadro vDWS Subscription License, 1CCU, 1 yr (SFT-NVD-G2W1S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2CMI36 Quadro vDWS Subscription License, 1CCU, 3 yrs (SFT-NVD-G2W3S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2CMI48 Quadro vDWS Subscription License, 1CCU, 4 yrs (SFT-NVD-G2W4S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2CMI60 Quadro vDWS Subscription License, 1CCU, 5 yrs (SFT-NVD-G2W5S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2EDI12 Quadro vDWS EDU Subscription License, 1CCU, 1 yr (SFT-NVD-G2ED1S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2EDI36 Quadro vDWS EDU Subscription License, 1CCU, 3 yrs (SFT-NVD-G2ED3S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2EDI48 Quadro vDWS EDU Subscription License, 1CCU, 4 yrs (SFT-NVD-G2ED4S), NVIDIA 711-DWS022+P2EDI60 Quadro vDWS EDU Subscription License, 1CCU, 5 years (SFT-NVD-G2ED5S)

1 review for NVIDIA QUADRO Virtual Data Center Workstation (QUADRO vDWS) Software Annual Subscription License for VDI High-End 3D Graphics CAD vGPU Applications

  1. Mark G

    After burning through most of my 90 day trial with NVidia, I went through 1 of the major resellers listed on Nvidia’s site to obtain 1 Nvidia Quadro vDWS subscription. After 30 days with multiple emails back and forth, there was no sign of delivery. I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I requested a quote from another reseller on the list, and never received a response. I was beginning to wonder if it was possible to get this subscription…

    Finally, I ordered 2 subscriptions from Dihuni. Within 8 hours, Dihuni emailed me letting me know that it normally takes around 4 days to get the entitlements straight from NVidia. 4 business days later, I received the entitlement email from NVidia delivering exactly what I ordered. The key activated immediately in the Nvidia enterprise portal and the subscriptions were added to my account.

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