NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU 16GB DDR6 900-2G183-0000-001 Turing Tensor PCIe for Inference Acceleration Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence CAD Research IoT

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NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU (900-2G183-0000-001)

The NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU (900-2G183-0000-001) is the world’s most advanced inference accelerator. Powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores, T4 brings revolutionary multi-precision inference performance to accelerate the diverse applications of modern AI. Packaged in an energy-efficient 70-watt, small PCIe form factor, T4 is optimized for scale-out servers and is purpose-built to deliver state-of-the-art inference in real time.

Ideal for your Advanced Digital Transformation Applications : Video Processing, Big Data, Hyperconverged Appliances, Internet of Things (IoT), In-Memory Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intensive Data Center, High Performance Computing (HPC) or Hyperscale Infrastructure Applications. The NVIDIA Tesla GPUs are very suitable for autonomous cars, molecular dynamics, computational biology, fluid simulation etc and even for advanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) applications.

Key Features

  • Sold and supported by NVIDIA
  • NVIDIA Turing Tensor Architecture
  • PCI Express card
  • 70W Max Power Consumption
  • Passively cooled board
  • 16GB DDR6 Memory Capacity
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 900-2G183-0000-001

State-of-the-Art Inference in Real-Time


Responsiveness is key to user engagement for services such as conversational AI, recommender systems, and visual search. As models increase in accuracy and complexity, delivering the right answer right now requires exponentially larger compute capability. Tesla T4 delivers up to 40X times better low-latency throughput, so more requests can be served in real time.

T4 Inference Performance

Video Transcoding Performance

As the volume of online videos continues to grow exponentially, demand for solutions to efficiently search and gain insights from video continues to grow as well. Tesla T4 delivers breakthrough performance for AI video applications, with dedicated hardware transcoding engines that bring twice the decoding performance of prior-generation GPUs. T4 can decode up to 38 full-HD video streams, making it easy to integrate scalable deep learning into video pipelines to deliver innovative, smart video services.

NVIDIA Tesla T4 Specifications









GEN3 x16 PCIe





70 watts

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10.7 × 4.4 × 1 in






Product Type

Chipset Manufacturer


Chipset Model


Card Height


Chipset Line


Memory Technology



Form Factor

Plug-in Card

Standard Memory

16 GB

17 reviews for NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU 16GB DDR6 900-2G183-0000-001 Turing Tensor PCIe for Inference Acceleration Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence CAD Research IoT

  1. Robert M

    Reasonably priced and very fast service. I ordered using rush service and Dihuni shipped the card right away. We are using for our fault diagnostics application.

  2. J.A

    No headaches in working with Dihuni. We buy servers and Tesla GPUs from Dihuni and they have always been responsive and kept their promise.

  3. Jay B

    We ordered 4 of these at premium price. Honestly, we didn’t expect Dihuni to ship so fast because of pandemic related delays but they got these out same day.

  4. K.D

    We needed to start our project in early 2020 and Dihuni met our expectations and delivered the t4 gpus without delay and their price is great too. I like dealing with them because of their transparency and fast communication which is hard to find these days.

  5. Rob P

    Impressive service by Dihuni and free upgrade to overnight shipping. We bought these cards for our Conversational AI application.

  6. Mark P

    Top vendor. Very responsive. Shipped my T4 gpus in 3 days and upgraded shipping to overnight when I ordered by 2 day FEDEX. Got my package straight from NVIDIA. Ordering more soon.

  7. J.T

    Dihuni upgraded our shipping to 2-day fast delivery and we were able to receive the T4 cards within a week. They were not aggressive in selling to us and we found them very professional – they gave us an honest ETA and beat it to deliver within days. We are using for video transcoding and like the low energy footprint of the T4 model.

  8. Andrey

    Dihuni was very helpful in keeping me up to date with the status of my order.  
    The order was shipped us in an best time-frame as possible.
    Dihuni pricing is high competitive in the market and offer great service too. Highly recommended for any order.
    Thanks again to the Dihuni team!

  9. Christine F

    we just received our t4 gpu order which was shipped from NVIDIA. you guys promised and delivered!

  10. S.M

    Extremely reliable vendor with accurate and timely information. We ordered 2 T4 GPUs and not only did they ship in just 3 days but also upgraded to free 2 day shipping. Great experience and literally one of the smoothest I have had. Highly recommended.

  11. Dean M

    As a start up, the Tesla T4’s price point is very suitable for our AI development effort instead of the V100 class GPU and Dihuni helped us get this in record time. Thank you Dihuni team!

  12. Colton

    Dihuni was very helpful in keeping me up to date with the status of my order. The GPU we ordered is vital to develop our automated speech recognition system, which will greatly assist us in transcribing audio data!

  13. W. T.

    Dihuni shipped us the T4 GPU in an accelerated time-frame — within 5 days after the purchase. The card will significantly enhance capability of our machine learning applications.

  14. Jeremy

    We are upgrading from our P4 GPUs. No performance update yet but Dihuni did a great job in getting us the T4 GPUs quickly. Nice company and easy to work with.

  15. Dihuni

    Awesome article by Timothy Pickett Morgan detailing how Tesla T4 fits into NVIDIA’s inference portfolio which has evolved over the years.

  16. Steve T

    Ordered this brand new product from NVIDIA…Dihuni delivered in just over a week. Great Service.

  17. L.Y

    We are happy to find an authorized NVIDIA partner that delivers. I don’t recommend buying such high end product from online stores that sell this product without proper authorization from manufacturer. Dihuni kept us posted about our order and although our package shipped out a couple days after initial date, we were happy that we were properly informed. Nice job Dihuni!

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