Supermicro Out of Band (SFT-OOB-LIC) IPMI License Key for Supermicro Update Manager (SUM), IPMI Web GUI, SSM Remote Server BIOS, FW Update/Config etc

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Enter IPMI MAC Address and Server/Motherboard Model Name

Please enter the MAC Address of the IPMI port on your Supermicro server/motherboard. Also please send us the model name of the server or motherboard you need license for. This information will be used to generate your license key which will be emailed to you.

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The Supermicro Out of Band (SFT-OOB-LIC) software is a must have license key for your Supermicro motherboard/server. The Supermicro Out of Band (OOB) makes life easier by being able to control your BIOS and BMC/IPMI on your X10 and X11 generation motherboard remotely. User can easily update BIOS and BMC/IPMI settings from a human-readable text file, and use this utility to update the target machine’s system BIOS and BMC/IPMI configuration.

With the Out of Band license key enabled (remote access), maintaining your system is so much more convenient now as users can generate event logs, TPM provisioning, mount/Unmounts ISO images, remote screenshot capture, remote keyboard operations, syslog and so much more.

Additional Benefits:

  • No down time: No more dealing with long wait times. Our processing is completely automated so you can start generating keys in less than one hour from purchase.
  • Generate multiple licenses: Generate one or one hundred keys in the same time span. Perfect for individual use or mass server deployment.
  • Keys on your terms: Our platform tracks all used and available keys (They never expire!) so you can save time by purchasing multiple keys and then generating individual keys as needed.

The Supermicro SFT-OOB-LIC licenses can be used with multiple Server Management Software offerings from Supermicro e.g. IPMI Web GUI, Supermicro Update Manager (SUM), Supermicro Server Manager (SSM). You can download these utilities from and then activate your key after receiving from Dihuni. Please see the technical specifications section for directions.

Key Features

  • Supermicro Part # SFT-OOB-LIC
  • Product Key Management
    • Activate Product Key
    • Query Product Key
  • System Checks
    • OOB/In-band Support
    • Asset Information (X10 and later Only)
    • System Utilization (X10 and later Only)
    • Sensor Data (X10 and later Only)
  • BIOS Management
    • Get BIOS Info
    • Update BIOS FW
    • Get/Set Default and Current BIOS Settings
    • Get/Set DMI Information
  • BMC Management
    • Get BMC Info
    • Update BMC FW
    • Get/Set BMC Settings
  • System Event Log
    • Get/Clear Event Log (X10 and later Only)
  • Applications
    • TPM Provisioning (X10 and later Only)
    • Mount and Unmount Bootable ISO Image
  • Support for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD OS
  • Support for Driverless In-Band FW Updates (Check for BIOS support, only for Linux/FreeBSD)
  • Execute Parallel Updates from Centralized Management Server

Note – you are required to provide the MAC address of the IPMI port on your server below to obtain the Out of Band License Key. You can then download and activate your SUM software at


How to Activate Your Supermicro Out of Band (SFT-OOB-LIC) license

There are 3 ways (IPMI Web GUI, SUM, SSM) of activating your SFT-OOB-LIC key after receiving from Dihuni.


  • Open the web browser
  • Enter BMC IP address: https://bmc_ip_address
  • Login by entering user name and password
  • Select “Miscellaneous” from the top menu bar
  • Select “Activate License” from the left menu
  • Input the 24-digit OOB key obtained from Supermicro
  • Click “Active”
  • If successful, Node Product Key status would change from “Not activated” to “Activated”.


  • SUM can be downloaded from
  • Click on “Download SMCI Software” near bottom of the page
  • Upon finishing download, extract the content
  • Go to the SUM directory and run the command as shown below(example is shown in Windows)
    Note: SUM also works in Linux, please see SUM User Guide from the downloaded folder for detailed system requirement
  • After -i <IP or host name>
    -u <username>
    -p <password>
    –key <node product key obtained from Supermicro>
  • If successful, it will prompt “Node product key (OOB) is activated for


  • SSM can be downloaded from
  • Click on “Download SMCI Software” near bottom of the page
  • Finish download, extract the content, and run the Installer
  • Finish the installation process, start the SSM Web GUI
  • Choose “Administration” from the left side bar(Image 1)
  • Choose “Node PK Activation” from the left side bar(Image 2)
  • Create a new .txt file and input the proper information in the correct format(i.e. removing the colons from the MAC address) as shown in Notes(Red Box in Image 3) The format is:
    Note each field is separated by ; (semi-colon)
  • Upload the .txt file, input correct IPMI ID/Password, and click “Activate”(Image 3)
  • Click “Run” on the prompted Window(Image 4)
  • If successful, the status would show “Success” and a green check mark(Image 5)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

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    We are an Italian company and were not able to find local Supermicro partners for IPMI licenses. Dihuni made it simple to order and emailed us software license keys in less than a week.

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