Supermicro A+ Server AS-2124GQ-NART | 2124GQ-NART 4 x NVIDIA Ampere A100 SXM4 64GB NVLink GPU AMD EPYC Deep Learning Server

Supermicro A+ Server AS-2124GQ-NART | 2124GQ-NART 4 x NVIDIA Ampere A100 SXM4 64GB NVLink GPU AMD EPYC 7002 Deep Learning Server

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The Supermicro  A+ Server AS -2124GQ-NART (AS-2124GQ-NART) is extremely suitable for Digital Transformation applications from natural speech by computers to autonomous vehicles, predictive analytics in manufacturing, smart cities, smart buildings etc.  With the explosion in IT and IoT data, AI models are exploding in size. HPC applications are similarly growing in complexity as they unlock new scientific insights. The 2124GQ-NART can be optimized to deliver the highest compute performance and memory for rapid model training.

As a balanced data center platform for HPC and AI applications, Supermicro’s new 2U system leverages the NVIDIA HGX A100 4 GPU board with four direct-attached NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs using PCI-E 4.0 for maximum performance and NVIDIA NVLink™ for high-speed GPU-to-GPU interconnects. This advanced GPU system accelerates compute, networking and storage performance with support for one PCI-E 4.0 x8 and up to four PCI-E 4.0 x16 expansion slots for GPUDirect RDMA high-speed network cards and storage such as InfiniBand™ HDR™, which supports up to 200Gb per second bandwidth.


This Deep Learning server is available with NVIDIA NGC containers that can be preloaded. NGC empowers researchers, data scientists, and developers with performance-engineered containers featuring AI software like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet, NVIDIA TensorRT™, RAPIDS and more. These pre-integrated containers feature NVIDIA AI stack including NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit, NVIDIA deep learning libraries which are easy to upgrade using Docker commands.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer Part Number: AS -2124GQ-NART (AS-2124GQ-NART)
  • High Density 2U System with NVIDIA® HGX™ A100 4-GPU
  • NVIDIA Ampere GPU Architecture
  • Supports 4 A100 40GB SXM4 GPUs
  • Direct connect PCI-E Gen4 Platform with NVIDIA® NVLink™
  • On board BMC supports integrated IPMI 2.0 + KVM with dedicated 10G LAN
  • Dual AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors
  • 8TB Registered ECC DDR4 3200MHz SDRAM in 32 DIMMs
  • 4 PCI-E Gen 4 x16 (LP), 1 PCI-E Gen 4 x8 (LP)
  • 4 Hot-swap 2.5″ drive bays(SAS/SATA/NVMe Hybrid)
  • 2x 2200W Redundant Power Supplies, Titanium Level + 4 Hot-swap heavy duty fans
  • NGC Docker Container for Deep Learning Pre-loaded (Optional, please select below)




A+ Server AS -2124GQ-NART (AS-2124GQ-NART) Key Features

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SYS-420GP-TNAR
  • 8x A100 SXM4 GPUs
  • NVIDIA NVLink and NVSwitch
  • 2 Processors
  • 32 DIMM Slots
  • 4x 2200W Redundant Titanium Level PSU
  • NGC Docker Container for Deep Learning Pre-loaded (Optional, please select below)

Technical Specifications

Product SKUs
  • A+ Server 2124GQ-NART (Black)
Super H12DSG-Q-CPU6
  • Dual AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors
  • Socket SP3
  • Supports CPU TDP up to 280W*
  • Up to 128 Cores (64 per CPU)
Note * Certain CPUs with high TDP may be supported only under specific conditions. Please contact Supermicro Technical Support for additional information about specialized system optimization
GPU Support
  • Supports 4x A100 40GB SXM4 GPUs with NVlink GPU interconnect and PCIe Gen4 to host CPUs
System Memory
Memory Capacity
  • 32 DIMM slots
  • Up to 8TB 3DS ECC DDR4-3200MH SDRAM
Memory Type
  • 3200MHz ECC DDR4 SDRAM
On-Board Devices
  • System on Chip (SoC)
  • Dual RJ45 10GbE-aggregate host LAN, RJ45 1GbE IPMI
  • Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0
  • IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM-over-LAN support
Graphics & System Management
Input / Output
  • 4 SATA3 (6Gbps) ports
  • 2 RJ45 10GbE-aggregate host LAN ports
  • 1 RJ45 1GbE Dedicated IPMI management port
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports (rear)
  • 1 VGA Connector (rear)
  • 1 COM port (header)
  • 1 TPM 2.0 (header)
System BIOS
  • AMI 256Mb SPI Flash ROM
PC Health Monitoring
  • Monitors for CPU Cores, Chipset Voltages, Memory.
  • 4+1 Phase-switching voltage regulator
  • Fans with tachometer monitoring
  • Status monitor for speed control
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) fan connectors
  • Monitoring for CPU and chassis environment
  • Thermal Control for fan connectors
Form Factor
  • 2U Rackmountable
  • CSE-228GTS-R000NP
  • 3.5″ (89mm)
  • 17.2″ (437mm)
  • 32.4″ (823mm)
Available Colors
  • Black
Drive Bays / Storage
  • 4 Hot-swap 2.5″ drive bays (SATA/NVMe Hybrid or SAS with optional HBA)
Expansion Slots
  • 4 PCI-E Gen 4 x16 (LP) slots
  • 1 PCI-E Gen 4 x8 (LP) slot
System Cooling
  • 4 Hot-swap heavy duty fans
Power Supply
2200W Redundant Power Supplies with PMBus
Total Output Power
  • 1000W: 100 – 127Vac
  • 2200W: 220 – 240Vac
  • Higher power version coming soon
(W x H x L)
  • 107 x 82 x 204 mm
  • 100-127Vac / 12-9A / 50-60Hz
  • 220-240Vac / 11-10A / 50-60Hz
Output Type
  • Gold Finger Connector
Certification Titanium Level96%Titanium Level
Operating Environment
  • RoHS Compliant
Environmental Spec.
  • Operating Temperature:
    10°C ~ 35°C (50°F ~ 95°F)
  • Non-operating Temperature:
    -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Operating Relative Humidity:
    8% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Non-operating Relative Humidity:
    5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Additional information

Weight 165 lbs
Dimensions 27.75 × 17.2 × 17.8 in


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