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How much do you know from your customers?

Great – you have launched your product and are selling online or through other channels; now what? Do you know what your customers are saying about your products on social media, online reviews etc? Is your perception close to the reality? Are customers satisfied or complaining? Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup selling physical or digital products, these are essential questions that need to be evaluated by every marketing, product organization and executive team.

Dihuni OptiDigital Smart WordCloud can help

The Dihuni OptiDigital WordCloud technology uses and was developed to help with exactly these type of questions in mind. Using Sentiment Analysis and Emotional Artificial Intelligence methods, we are able to glean the most important attributes of your brand and product that customers are highlighting after their purchase. Whether you are a manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) devices or a consumer or commercial laptop or server computer or a shoe, toothpaste or another consumer product, you can easily understand how customers are reacting to your product through our simple WordCloud which has been developed using rigorous sentiments analysis. If you are a publisher and want to analyze your reader reviews, this is a perfect tool for you. In the picture you can see a snapshot of what customers are saying about an IoT product. We can develop similar type of WordCloud for your product and deliver to you within 1-3 days of order. You can use these for your internal use or for promotional marketing tool to increase customer confidence or internally in board room presentations.

Key Features

  • Product and Brand attributes analyzed though deep sentiment analysis and Emotional Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivered as PNG or JPEG file
  • Currently available for products sold on Amazon; for other shopping channels please contact us
  • Easily usable for promoting in marketing collateral
  • Great reflections for internal product and brand teams
  • Delivered usually within 1-3 days from order

Pricing includes only WordCloud image; any device or another product shown is not included. To prevent unintended use we only sell this offering to authorized company representatives. You will need to have and use a valid official email ID for the company for which the WordCloud is being processed. If you are a marketing agency, we will need to verify your client’s information before processing. Please email or call us for any question, special pricing on bulk orders etc.

Disclaimer : We only use publicly available anonymous data to generate our WordCloud. Also, the analysis is completely based on our algorithms and does not reflect any bias positive or negative against any brand or product. Please use at your discretion and Dihuni holds no liability for how the WordCloud is used. We do not authorize any public use of our WordCloud that demeans a competitor product, reflects inaccurate information or manipulated information. 


Customer Data is Everywhere

Use everything at your disposal to determine your customer’s needs and reactions. Regardless of the business you’re in, you will need this. Companies fail when they don’t understand their customers. In a digital world, customer touch points have broadened significantly and your B2B customers are also consumers on social media talking openly about the good or bad experience with your company, product or service offerings. Text Messages are everywhere; quintillions of data is produced everyday and we just need to be able to extract and analyze to extract meaningful insights.

Sentiment Analysis /Emotional Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

Sentiment analysis or Emotional AI is a natural language processing method that allows us to understand people’s attitude through deep text analysis. Customer star ratings and comments on social media, online stores, surveys etc have  lot of useful information but are not useful unless we are able to extract meaningful and common sentiments and real attitude of customers towards products and brands. Sentiment is measured on a polar scale with negative value representing a negative sentiment and a positive value representing a positive sentiment.

To add to the complexity, customers do not always provide detailed feedback. Some reviews are short for example twitter feedback is in 140 characters and can pose challenges in making a decision on customer sentiment without knowing the context. It is important for machines to incorporate contextual understanding in order to make complete sense of human interactions.

At Dihuni, we apply the sentiment analysis method to provide you with clear insight into the positioning of your product and brand. We parse through huge amounts of data, store and process our algorithms to isolate positive and negative sentiments and present to you in a simple to understand Digital WordCloud.


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