NVIDIA vComputeServer vGPU Software Annual Subscription License 1 GPU, 8 CCU Compute Virtualization for AI, Deep Learning, and Data Science

$72.00 $66.00 for 1 year

NVIDIA vComputeServer enables the benefits of hypervisor-based server virtualization for GPUaccelerated servers. Data center admins are now able to power any compute-intensive workload with GPUs in a virtual machine (VM).

As the number of servers grow across the data center, IT admins expect to manage them with standard server virtualization platforms from VMware, Red Hat, Nutanix, and Citrix. According to Gartner, “hypervisor-based server virtualization is now mature, with 80% to 90% of server workloads running in a virtual machine (VM) for most midsize to large enterprises.” However, this traditional data center infrastructure using hypervisor-based virtualization has been limited to CPU-only servers, with VDI as an exception. As a result, GPU accelerated servers running AI, deep learning, data science, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads are often isolated in other servers in the data center, limiting utilization, flexibility, and manageability. vComputeServer helps solve this issue.

Key Features

  • GPU Performance – Access the most powerful GPUs in a virtualized environment.
  • Management and Monitoring – Streamline data center manageability by leveraging hypervisor-based tools.
  • Live Migration – Live migrate GPU-accelerated VMs without disruption, easing maintenance and upgrades.
  • Maximize Utilization – Increase utilization and productivity with both GPU sharing and aggregation of multiple GPUs.
  • Security – Extend the benefits of server virtualization to GPU workloads.
  • Multi-Tenant – Isolate workloads and securely support multiple users.
  • Rapid Deployment – Leverage GPUoptimized NGC containers for AI, data science, and HPC.
  • Reliability – Prevent against data corruption with error-correcting code (ECC) and dynamic page retirement.
  • Enterprise Software Support – Enterprise Software Support – Get support with NVIDIA Enterprise and NVIDIA NGC Support Services.
  • Compatible with Tesla V100, P100, P40, P4, T4
  • SKU: 711-VCS001+P2CMI12

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Technical Specifications

NVIDIA vComputeServer Technical Specifications


Unlike NVIDIA® GRID® vPC/vApps and Quadro® Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS), vComputeServer is not tied to a user with a display. It’s licensed per GPU as a 1-year subscription with NVIDIA enterprise support included. This allows a number of compute workloads in multiple VMs to be run on a single GPU, maximizing utilization of resources and ROI.


vComputeServer supports NVIDIA NGC GPU-optimized software for deep learning, machine learning, and HPC. NGC software includes containers for the top AI and data science software, tuned, tested, and optimized by NVIDIA, as well as fully-tested containers for HPC applications and data analytics. NGC also offers pre-trained models for a variety of common AI tasks that are optimized for NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs and includes instructions and scripts for creating deep learning models with sample performance and accuracy metrics. This allows data scientists, developers, and researchers to reduce deployment times and project complexity so that they can focus on building solutions, gathering insights, and delivering business value.

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