Tridium NA-S-N4-ENT-10 Niagara Analytics Framework N4 License Unlimited Analytics Points for 10 Niagara Supervisors Enterprise IoT Analytics

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Enter Niagara Host ID (Required)

In order to process your license, you must provide your current Niagara Host ID. Please enter here before submitting the order. If you don’t have a host ID, install N4 Supervisor for free and come back here with host ID – N4 Supervisor Windows Version / N4 Supervisor Linux Version

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Tridium NA-S-N4-ENT-10 Niagara Analytics is a data analytics extension to the Niagara Framework® available on 10 Niagara 4 Supervisors. It gives Niagara 4 and JACE 8000 users the ability to apply a variety of analytic algorithms and diagnostics to both historical and real-time data available in Niagara. Users have the ability to discover and mitigate previously unknown operational issues, which helps to maximize their investment in Niagara Framework-based products.

Key Features

  • Tridium/VYKON Part # NA-S-N4-ENT-10
  • Niagara Analytics Framework (on N4) Enterprise option for unlimited analytic points on ten N4 Supervisors.
  • Latest Release: Niagara Analytics 2.1; compatible with Niagara 4 version 4.4 and 4.6.
  • Niagara Software License Only
  • One data model common to Niagara 4
  • Ability to leverage Niagara 4 tagging and hierarchies
  • Algorithm library with examples for BAS and energy
  • Real-time data analysis and control on the onsite JACE controller
  • Wiresheet programming using Niagara Workbench
  • Extensive HTML5 user visualization
  • Ad-Hoc energy reporting
  • Uses Niagara histories instead of an external database
  • Analytic alerts that provide actionable information

For more info on latest Niagara Analytics software release, please refer to the documents below:

This is a software license only product. No Hardware included.

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Niagara 4 Supervisor (Browser based and WorkBench) require host ID for license activation. You will also need a host ID for any extended SMA etc. Niagara Host ID is a unique identifier and is tied to the computer where you have Niagara installed.

You must already know your host ID but if you don’t or if you’re new to Niagara, below are links to download Niagara 4 Supervisor software for Linux and Windows that you can install and get a host ID. Once downloaded and installed, please generate a host ID (typically you would see host ID on the last screen of your installation) and come back to to purchase Supervisor and Workbench licenses for software activation. (not required for JACE or IO Module or Edge Controller VEC-10 purchase).

N4 Supervisor Windows Version

N4 Supervisor Linux Version

For more information on installation and obtaining a host ID please download the Host ID guide or see below:

Installing the software:

  • Locate the downloaded zip file and right-click.
  • Choose extract all.
  • Once extracted, locate Installer_x64.exe and double-click to install. (if you do not have a 64 operating system, use the x86 version.)
  • Read and accept the License agreement then click next.
  • It is recommended to set the installation directory to be more specific to the version that you are installing. EX: C:\Niagara\Niagara-×64.
  • You may be asked to establish a system passphrase. Use Niagara4Rocks to keep it simple.
  • Choose (at least) to add Start menu shortcuts and then select next.
  • Ensure you have an active internet connection, then select Finish.

You should then be redirected to a web page showing you Host ID.

Technical Specifications

Tridium NA-S-N4-ENT-10 Niagara Analytics Framework N4 License Unlimited Analytics Points for 10 Niagara Supervisors

Tridium NA-S-N4-ENT-10 Niagara Analytics is a data analytics extension to the Niagara Framework® available on ten Niagara 4 Supervisors.

When you’re talking about the IoT, and the thousands of connected IoT devices, the big question becomes how to profit from “big data.” Traditional methods of analytics are not suitable for harnessing the IoT’s enormous power. The Niagara Analytics Framework is purposefully designed for the IoT.

Niagara 4 Data Model

Typical analytics applications require designers to spend a large percentage of their time creating a data model before beginning the actual analytics application. Because a Niagara 4 application most likely has the data model designed as part of the end-user navigation, designers can usually skip the data modeling phase completely and go right to building an effective analytics solution. Niagara Analytics leverages Niagara 4 tagging and hierarchies—including Niagara 4 dictionaries such as Haystack—thus establishing a common data model. Niagara Analytics uses Niagara histories, so no external database configuration is required.

Defined Base Algorithms Library

With Niagara Analytics, you never have to repeat the same effort. Our algorithm library has a wide range of predefined algorithms that can be customized and extended to meet the specific needs of the deployment. We also provide more than 40 functional and mathematical blocks to help you design and create your own custom algorithms, or modify as needed. Use your algorithm to evaluate a single piece of equipment or all pieces of equipment in your enterprise, then save your entire analytics operation as a template and redeploy as often as needed.

Intuitive Programming

Niagara Analytics uses the same approach to programming as the Niagara Framework, making it easy to use immediately, without the learning curve of mastering a new programming language. Users can drag and drop function blocks onto the wiresheet from a comprehensive Niagara Analytics palette.

Real-time, On-Premise Analytic Control

Now you can run on-site analytics directly on an embedded controller such as the JACE 8000 to identify a situation and make an immediate change in real time. This enables you to make faster decisions while conserving computing power. Results can then be pushed up to the server to make changes across the enterprise.

Automated Control Strategies

Niagara Analytics makes data work for you, not the other way around. Advanced alarming can collect data from multiple real-time data sources and make intelligent decisions based on custom algorithms, thus providing a more sophisticated off-normal analysis. This process can eliminate many enduser nuisance alarms. FDD determines when equipment and systems need servicing based on their actual condition, rather than a scheduled date.

Powerful Visualization

With enhanced HTML5 visualization, interpreting and organizing information is easier than ever. Niagara Analytics lets you chart analytical points, alerts and algorithm outputs visually. Choose from a robust library of standard reports or use widgets to build custom dashboards and reports on anything from energy usage to cost ranking to equipment operation. Identify data anomalies

Tridium Niagara Architecture



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About Tridium/VYKON

Tridium is the manufacturer of the JACE hardware and developer of the esteemed Niagara Software. Tridium does not sell JACE 8000 or Niagara Software using its own brand. VYKON brand is owned by Tridium and all Tridium products in original shape (without any functional modifications) are marketed and sold as VYKON branded products. Additionally both Vykon and Tridium brands are owned by Honeywell.

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“Tridium is the world’s leading brand for BAS software and we use them in several commercial buildings. We regularly need to upgrade our niagara software and add JACE to our existing and new BMS projects. Dihuni has done a great job with a simple and intuitive buying system for Tridium products.”

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