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Internet of Things and Analytics

We help you with your transformation journey with Internet of Things. If you are a company looking to adopt IoT, we can help with identifying the right approach to solve your problems. If you are a vendor looking to grow IoT business, you have come to the right place.

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Dell Edge Gateway 3001

General Purpose IoT Applications Server

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  • Vykon JACE 8000

    VYKON JACE 8000 (J-8100) with Tridium Niagara Open IoT Software for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Data Centers 100 Devices 5000 Points 1.5 Yr Support ($8,050.00 $4,045.00 Free Shipping (USA))
    reviewed by R.W

    Great service and price from Dihuni. Got my JACE in 3 days without making a phone call. Dihuni sales also followed up with ups tracking number and license file. Free shipping too.

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  • VYKON Tridium Niagara Edge 10 VEC-10 IP-Based Field Equipment Controller with Niagara Open IoT Software for Zone Temp, Fan Coil Units, AHU, Heat Pumps ($920.00 $525.00 Free Shipping (USA))
    reviewed by L.M

    Best place to buy Tridium products! Dihuni shipped us the new Tridium VEC-10 Niagara N4 edge controller one day after our order. They also promptly emailed the license file before our controller was received. Thanks for the fast delivery and great experience. Highly recommended.

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