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We help you with your transformation journey with Internet of Things. If you are a company looking to adopt IoT, we can help with identifying the right approach to solve your problems. If you are a vendor looking to grow IoT business, you have come to the right place. Besides IoT consulting, we offer a wide range of Smart Buildings, Smart Factories, Smart Cities solutions.

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AI & IT Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Wide range of Intel and AMD servers and embedded devices

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New! Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 IoT Edge Server

General Purpose IoT Applications Server

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IT & IoT Products

Recent Customer Reviews

  • Tesla T4

    NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU 16GB DDR6 900-2G183-0000-001 Turing Tensor PCIe for Inference Acceleration Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence CAD Research IoT ($2,295.00 $2,080.00)

    We ordered 4 of these at premium price. Honestly, we didn't expect Dihuni to ship so fast because of pandemic related delays but they got these out same day.

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    Jay B
    2020-03-27 17:06:38
  • VYKON Tridium Niagara Edge 10 VEC-10 IP-Based Field Equipment Controller with Niagara Open IoT Software for Zone Temp, Fan Coil Units, AHU, Heat Pumps ($920.00 $474.00)

    Great price for a great new product. IP controllers are the next thing in BAS and we like that this device is Niagara based. Very fast delivery. We are looking at buying more of the Edge 10 and JACE 8100 from Dihuni.

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    2020-02-10 14:59:03
  • NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB

    NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB 900-2G500-0010-000 GPU for Deep Learning AI, HPC and Research ($10,175.00 $8,450.00)

    We have ordered V100 cards multiple times from Dihuni and are very satisfied with their service, delivery and price. They helped us select the right card for our AI application. The V100 is top of the range and a bit pricey but is great for our application.

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    Dean W
    2020-02-08 23:07:56