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We help you with your transformation journey with Internet of Things. If you are a company looking to adopt IoT, we can help with identifying the right approach to solve your problems. If you are a vendor looking to grow IoT business, you have come to the right place. Besides IoT consulting, we offer a wide range of Smart Buildings, Smart Factories, Smart Cities solutions.

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AI & IT Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Wide range of Intel and AMD servers and embedded devices

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New! Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 IoT Edge Server

General Purpose IoT Applications Server

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IT & IoT Products

Recent Customer Reviews

  • Vykon JACE 8000

    VYKON JACE 8000 (J-8005) with Tridium Niagara Open IoT Software for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Data Centers 5 Devices 250 Points 1.5 Yr Support ($2,700.00 $1,328.00 Free Shipping (USA))

    I am very pleased with Dihuni's price and speed in processing our order. I placed the order early afternoon and still got the license file within hours of my order and the JACE shipped same day too. Thanks guys for the great service.

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    2019-12-05 12:08:53
  • Vykon JACE 8000

    VYKON JACE 8000 (J-8200) with Tridium Niagara Open IoT Software for Smart Buildings Smart Cities, Data Centers 200 Devices 10000 Points 1.5 Yr Support ($11,240.00 $5,922.00 Free Shipping (USA))

    We are BAS contractors and we have worked with Tridium controls for a while. When we recently needed a few JACE 8200 and IO34 we came across Dihuni and placed the order with them. Dihuni delivered to us super fast. Good communication from sales too and price was great. If you are looking for a reliable supplier we have no hesitation in recommending Dihuni.

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    2019-11-23 13:41:24
  • Tesla T4

    NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU 16GB DDR6 900-2G183-0000-001 Turing Tensor PCIe for Inference Acceleration Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence CAD Research IoT ($2,295.00 $2,029.00 Free Shipping (USA))

    Impressive service by Dihuni and free upgrade to overnight shipping. We bought these cards for our Conversational AI application.

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    Rob P
    2019-11-13 11:55:14