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We help you with your transformation journey with Internet of Things. If you are a company looking to adopt IoT, we can help with identifying the right approach to solve your problems. If you are a vendor looking to grow IoT business, you have come to the right place.

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Dell Edge Gateway 3001

General Purpose IoT Applications Server

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  • NVIDIA QUADRO Virtual Data Center Workstation (QUADRO vDWS)

    NVIDIA QUADRO Virtual Data Center Workstation (QUADRO vDWS) Software Annual Subscription License for VDI High-End 3D Graphics CAD vGPU Applications (From: $72.00 Free Shipping (USA) for 1 year)
    reviewed by Mark Graff

    After burning through most of my 90 day trial with NVidia, I went through 1 of the major resellers listed on Nvidia's site to obtain 1 Nvidia Quadro vDWS subscription. After 30 days with multiple emails back and forth, there was no sign of delivery. I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I requested a quote from another reseller on the list, and never received a response. I was beginning to wonder if it was possible to get this subscription...

    Finally, I ordered 2 subscriptions from Dihuni. Within 8 hours, Dihuni emailed me letting me know that it normally takes around 4 days to get the entitlements straight from NVidia. 4 business days later, I received the entitlement email from NVidia delivering exactly what I ordered. The key activated immediately in the Nvidia enterprise portal and the subscriptions were added to my account.

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  • Dihuni OptiReady Supermicro 4029GP-TRT2-2080-1 10xNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 2S Xeon 4116 2.1GHz 128GB 250GB SSD 2x10GbE 4U Deep Learning Workstation ($32,000.00 $28,500.00 Free Shipping (USA))
    reviewed by Peter C

    We are a group of researchers doing simulation work as part of a new project. After considering other GPU systems, we selected this RTX 2080 Ti server node from Dihuni both for their price and fast service.

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