Ordering and Payment Methods


Domestic USA Customers


Dihuni is a Virginia, USA based B2B company and we ship throughout USA. We serve large, medium and small commercial businesses, Government, Defense, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Finance, VARs, System Intgrators and contractors. We offer easy online/offline ordering and flexible payment options.

Besides using Credit Card, you have the option to place an order online without instant payment using Bank/Wire Transfer method at checkout and then transfer funds after receiving order confirmation. This is only for corporate, educational and overseas customers. Note – order will only ship after receipt of payment, except for approved Net Terms orders. You can email your Purchase Order and Net Terms documents after checkout.

US Federal/Defense Buyers – please refer to our entitiy information below:

DUNS: 078485029 CAGE: 6RNF1, EIN: 45-5347922 NAICS: 334111 (Primary), Additional 541512

Net Terms & Purchase Orders – in most cases, the first order is pre-paid except for Fortune 500 companies , government and select Universities. In general, to be approved for Net Terms, you must establish recurring pre-payment order history before submitting credit application. Please contact us for more information. If you are pre-approved for Net Terms or if you are a Fortune 500, government or university entity, you can place an online order using bank/wire transfer method and email your Purchase Order and Net Terms documents separately after checkout.

Credit Card – You can use valid USA bank issued credit card. The billing address and shipping address must match. If you are a corporate customer with separate billing and shipping addresses we must get a Purchase Order for such transactions or proof of address, employee information at each location etc. Note – we will cancel any orders where we suspect fraudulent transactions. Also unless authorized by Dihuni and for corporate customers with validated addresses, if the billing and shipping addresses do not match, we will decline the order.

Bank Wire/ACH Transfer – This is suitable for larger orders where credit card is not a practical option. Commercial businesses and institutions who would prefer to use this method can simply place the order using bank/wire transfer method at checkout. No financial transaction will happen at the time of placing the order. Once we receive the order, we will verify your company and address and send you the wire/ACH instructions. This option is also suitable for entities who are looking to purchase on Net Terms.

Bank/Wire option is also suitable if you want to get your order in without instant payment or commitment OR want to share order details internally with purchasing team or your manager. Note – you must initiate the wire within 3 business days for the order to be processed. Except for corporate/approved Net Terms orders, we will cancel your order if payment has not been initiated in 3 days. Your order will only ship after funds have been cleared in our bank.

Company Check – We accept company checks. Just like Bank/Wire Transfer option above, you can select company check payment method at checkout. And then mail the check to us for the total order amount. Note- we will release the order only after funds are cleared. Personal checks are not accepted.

Sales Tax Exemption

For domestic US customers, besides Virginia, depending on the product/manufacturer, we charge sales in states where we have nexus. For e.g. for all Supermicro products, we charge sales tax in Virginia, California, Florida and Illinois. If you are eligible for tax exemption in those states, please email us your Government Tax Exempt Permit/Reseller’s Certificate etc after placing the order online. We will refund you the tax portion for your order after we validate your tax exempt status. You can also email us your tax exemption document before placing an oder if you would like pre-approval for tax exemption.

International Customers


For all international shipments, please note the following:

  1. All orders must be prepaid by wire transfer; We do NOT accept overseas credit cards. We will verify your address and credentials before shipping any product.
  2. You can place your order online using bank/wire transfer method at checkout. No financial transaction will happen at the time of placing the order. Once we receive the order, we will verify your company and address and send you the wire instructions. Once you confirm wire remittance with us, we will proceed with your order.
  3. Orders must be remitted in full in US Dollars (excluding any bank transfer or transaction fees)
  4. Dihuni is not responsible for any VAT/customs/import duties or any other fees associated with release of product in importing country
  5. We ship globally using international carriers, primarily FEDEX International. For larger and heavier items, it is recommended that you contact us to get accurate international shipping charges as sometimes web rates are not updated. We will try to negotiate and get you the best possible rates.
  6. If you have your own carrier/logistics/freight forwarder company, you can use them as well
  7. Dihuni will not ship to any country on the USA embargo list.