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From your toothbrush to cars, everything is getting connected to the internet. As per Cisco, by 2020, 50 billion devices are expected to connect to the internet generating over $19 Trillion of economic benefit. As devices are getting connected to the internet and being managed remotely, there are a lot of use cases that are emerging to make our daily lives better. For example, now you can easily turn-off/on your porch/patio light from your smartphone automatically from your office when it is dark, or open/shut your home garage door remotely through your ‘Phablet’. This simple phenomenon is part of something called “Internet of Things (IoT)’ and is one of the highest trending topics of today.

The significance of IoT in commercial world is pretty huge; connected devices would generate tonnes of data which when analyzed can reveal information that we didn’t have any clue of and if you take the right manual or automated action based on analytics, there is potential for huge savings or growth for your company. This new paradigm has pretty much set every industry into motion to be prepared for an autonomous future. Sounds great but just like early days of cloud computing, IoT is complex and you need experts to navigate through the business and technological complexities of this emerging but real opportunity.

In this store, you will find hardware and software products for your home and business. Truly a one-stop shop for IoT based automation.

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