AI/ML & Deep Learning Application Development and Managed Services

Outsource your AI application development – from requirements and development to deployment

Dihuni is an AI company – we not only develop AI applications but also work closely with partners such as NVIDIA, AMD, Intel etc to ensure your application is running on the best infrastructure. No more guess work – our developers are experts in Artficial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications. Another differentiator is we bring deep product management and product planning expertise unlike a pure software development shop – so we can help in building and executing your roadmap.

Computer Vision, Digital Twin & Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Computer Vision and IoT expertise helps you develop the most advanced AI applications for industrial automation, smart buildings and smart cities.

Deep Learning & Predictive Analytics

One of the biggest promise of AI is to predict when things happen – both good and bad. From predicting component failures to financial projections, AI can help you plan for the future and deliver top customer service. We will help you develop the right application for your use case.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Beyond chatbots, NLP applications can help with language translation, predictive text, behavioral, intent and sentiment analysis through text analytics with overall goal to produce better human-computer interactions.

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