Supermicro SYS-9029GP-TNVRT HGX-2 16x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 32GB NVLink2 GPU 2S Xeon 6134 1TB NVMe 2x10GbE OptiReady Deep Learning Server


SYS-9029GP-TNVRT Key Features

The Supermicro SuperServer SYS-9029GP-TNVRT is extremely suitable for Digital Transformation applications from natural speech by computers to autonomous vehicles, predictive analytics in manufacturing, smart cities, smart buildings etc.

  • 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 GPUs with NVSwitch and NVLink 350W Installed
  • Dual socket P (LGA 3647) supports Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, Dual UPI up to 10.4GT/s – 2 x Intel Scalable Xeon Silver 6134 8 Core/16 Thread 3.2GHz Installed
  • Up to 3TB ECC 3DS LRDIMM, up to DDR4-2666MHz; 24 DIMM slots – 256GB DDR4-266MHz memory Installed
  • 16 Hot-swap 2.5″ NVMe drives, 6 Hot-swap 2.5″ SATA3 drive bays – 1TB NVMe SSD Installed
  • 16 PCI-E 3.0 x16 for RDMA via IB EDR; 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 on board
  • Dual 10GBase-T LAN with Intel® X540
  • 6x 80mm Hot-swap PWM Fans, 8x 92mm Hot-swap Fans
  • 6x 3000W Redundant Power Supplies; Titanium Level (96%+)
  • Product Type: OptiReady Completely Configured and Tested System
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SYS-9029GP-TNVRT

NVSwitch and NVLink Performance

NVSwitch enables every GPU to communicate with every other GPU at full bandwidth of 2.4TB/sec to solve the largest of AI and HPC problems. Every GPU has full access to 0.5TB of aggregate HBM2 memory to handle the most massive of datasets. By enabling a unified server node, NVSwitch dramatically accelerates complex AI and HPC applications.

Designed for Next Generation AI

AI models are exploding in complexity and require large memory, multiple GPUs, and an extremely fast connection between the GPUs to work. With NVSwitch connecting all GPUs and unified memory, HGX-2 provides the power to handle these new models for faster training of advanced AI. A single HGX-2 replaces 300 CPU-powered servers, saving significant cost, space, and energy in the data center.

Ready for Max Density HPC

HPC applications require strong server nodes with the computing power to perform a massive number of calculations per second. Increasing the compute density of each node dramatically reduces the number of servers required, resulting in huge savings in cost, power, and space consumed in the data center. For HPC simulations, high-dimension matrix multiplication requires a processor to fetch data from many neighbors to facilitate computation, making GPUs connected by NVSwitch ideal. A single HGX-2 server replaces 60 CPU-only servers.

X11 Servers Featuring New Intel Skylake Scalable Xeon® Processors

Supermicro’s new X11 servers are engineered to unleash the full performance and rich feature sets on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, supporting more cores and higher TDP envelopes of 205 watts and higher, increased number of memory channels and higher bandwidth, more PCI-E 3.0 lanes, 100G/40G/25G/10G Ethernet, 100G EDR InfiniBand (on select servers) and integrated  Intel® Omni-Path Architecture networking fabrics. The elevated compute performance, density, I/O capacity, and efficiency are coupled with industry’s most comprehensive support for NVMe NAND Flash and Intel® Optane SSDs for unprecedented application responsiveness and agility. For exact sever specifications, please see highlights below and also refer to detailed technical specifications.

“Supermicro’s new SuperServer based on the HGX-2 platform will deliver more than double the performance of current systems, which will help enterprises address the rapidly expanding size of AI models that sometimes require weeks to train,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “Our new HGX-2 system will enable efficient training of complex models. It combines sixteen Tesla V100 32GB SXM3 GPUs connected via NVLink and NVSwitch to work as a unified 2 PetaFlop accelerator with half a terabyte of aggregate GPU memory to deliver unmatched compute power.”

Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro

Server Systems Management

Supermicro Server Manager (SSM) provides capabilities to monitor the health of server components including memory, hard drives and RAID controllers. It enables the datacenter administrator to monitor and manage power usage across all Supermicro servers allowing users to maximize their CPU payload while mitigating the risk of tripped circuit. Firmware upgrades on Supermicro servers became easier now with a couple of clicks. Administrators can now mount an ISO image on multiple servers and reboot the servers with those images. The tool also provides pre-defined reports and many more features that will make managing Supermicro servers simpler. Download the SSM_brochure for more info or download Supermicro SuperDoctor® device monitoring and management software.

Product SKUs
  • SuperServer 9029GP-TNVRT (Black)
Super X11DPG-HGX2
  • Dual Socket P (LGA 3647)
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors,
    Dual UPI up to 10.4GT/s
  • Support CPU TDP 70-205W
  • Up to 28 Cores with Intel® HT Technology
GPU Support
  • Supports 16 V100 SXM3 350W
System Memory
Memory Capacity
  • 24 DIMM slots
  • Up to 3TB ECC 3DS LRDIMM, 1TB ECC RDIMM, DDR4 up to 2666MHz
Memory Type
  • 2666/2400/2133MHz ECC DDR4 SDRAM
On-Board Devices
  • Intel® C621 chipset
  • SATA3 (6Gbps) with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
Network Controllers
  • Dual Port 10GBase-T from Intel X540 Ethernet Controller
  • Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0
  • IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM-over-LAN support
Input / Output
  • 6 SATA3 (6Gbps) ports
  • 2 RJ45 10GBase-T LAN ports
  • 1 RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports (front)
  • 1 VGA Connector
COM Port
  • 1 COM port (header)
System BIOS
  • AMI 32Mb SPI Flash ROM
BIOS Features
Form Factor
  • 10U Rackmountable
  • CSE-1018G-R12KP
  • 17.2″ (437mm)
  • 17.8″ (452mm)
  • 27.75″ (705mm)
  • Net Weight: 80 lbs (36.2 kg)
  • Gross Weight: 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
Available Colors
  • Black
Drive Bays / Storage
  • 16 Hot-swap 2.5″ NVMe drive bays
  • 6 Hot-swap 2.5″ SATA3 drive bays
  • M.2 Interface: 2 PCI-E 3.0 x4
  • Form Factors: 2280, 22110
  • Key: M-Key
Expansion Slots
  • 16 PCI-E 3.0 x16 for RDMA via IB EDR
  • 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 on motherboard
System Cooling
  • 6x 80mm Hot-swap PWM Fans
  • 8x 92mm Hot-swap Fans
Power Supply
3000W Redundant Titanium Level Power Supplies with PMBus
Total Output Power
  • 2883W with Input 200 – 207Vac
  • 3000W with Input 208 – 240Vac
(W x H x L)
  • 68 x 40 x 430 mm
  • 50-60Hz
  • Max: 53.4A & Min: 0.3A (200-207Vac)
  • Max: 55.6A & Min: 0.3A (208-240Vac)
  • Max: 3A / Min: 0A
Output Type
  • Backplanes (gold finger)
Certification Titanium Level96%  UL/cUL/CB/BSMI/CE/CCC
  Titanium Level
Operating Environment
  • RoHS Compliant
Environmental Spec.
  • Operating Temperature:
    10°C ~ 35°C (50°F ~ 95°F)
  • Non-operating Temperature:
    -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Operating Relative Humidity:
    8% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Non-operating Relative Humidity:
    5% to 95% (non-condensing)
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Dihuni Introduces Supermicro’s NVIDIA HGX-2 based 16 Tesla V100 32GB SXM2 GPU Server for Deep Learning, AI, HPC and IoT Predictive Analytics


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