Ensuring Effective Communication, Collaboration and Continued Operations during COVID-19

Dear customers,

As a company with products shipping from all across United States, we’re working closely with our suppliers daily to maintain normal operations during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We are using our collaboration tools extensively to stay connected during this time of crisis.

Thankfully our partners have staffed their warehouses carefully and efficiently to continue operations as normal. Hardware products including servers, storage and building automation controllers etc that are in stock ship within normal lead times. There are some exceptions for products coming from China which have extended lead times e.g GPUs and some CPUs. We recommend stocking adequate quantities of available products and forecasting much in advance so you receive them before experiencing shortage. We try to update our eta online wherever possible but it is best to check with us prior to ordering specially if you’re looking to order in bulk. Software licenses are not impacted as we have dedicated nd are generated and emailed by remote workers.

Our online ordering capabilities and delivery across the globe (except for restricted regions) will allow you to work from your location without having to go to any offices to pick up products or have non-desired interactions at the time of social distancing.

On behalf of Dihuni and our partners, please stay safe and thank you for your business. For any questions, please call 703-436-4721 or email us.


Dihuni Team

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